Zodiac Killer

December 29th, 2008 + 12:12 PM  ·  Stoppel

An old song I recorded in 1997 after reading an article about a serial killer known as Zodiac Killer in the NY Times.

Same instruments as the other ancient old ditties from the vault.

Too bad I had to mix this from a multi track tape into a one track digital file...The end mix could have been better if I were a good studio engineer... with the right apparatus.

Thought I'd release it anyway..

Horace Haggis

December 29th, 2008 + 11:12 AM  ·  Stoppel

Inspired by a Monty Python poem, and by Thor they are the very best, came up a little song 11 years ago. Dug up the cassette (those were cases with tape to record stuff with) from the vault and turned it into a digital file.

The drummer is Dr Rhythm a guy who came from Boss.
The bassplayer is me, playing my Rickenbacker 4001 from 1977
The guitar player is me, playing the Hondo II.

I tried to clean up the tracks with my pc but it was too hard to synchronize the tracks from my Fostex into digital tracks, so I had to mix every track into just one....which does not get me the best sound quality. But hey....its the idea that matters...

Just a Little Turbulence

December 29th, 2008 + 11:12 AM  ·  Stoppel

Another ancient old ditty from the vault.

Instruments used.

Drums: Dr. Rhythm DR-550 by Boss
Bass: Rickenbacker 4001
Guitar: Hondo II
Voice over CNN anchorman who´s name eludes me....

Are you never scared during a bumpy ride with a commuter airplane....

Boring Life

December 29th, 2008 + 10:12 AM  ·  Stoppel

Ancient old ditties from the vault.

Recorded back in 1997 with my Fostex X-26

Instruments used:

Drums: Ludwig kit with Rogers snare (recorded with crappy mic)
Double Bass: Musima from East Germany
Guitar: Hondo II

One of the first songs I recorded, after getting my Fostex multitracker home studio, was this rockabilly song Boring Life....about how nothing ever happened in my life. Apart from playing gigs with the rockabilly - bluegrass band I was in, in those years.

The drums are terrible, due to recording them with a bad mic, but also the timing is not that good. I thought I'd take it from the vault anyway....somebody out there might enjoy it somehow.. I did when I recorded it back then.

Take a Chance

December 16th, 2008 + 4:12 PM  ·  Stoppel

A little song about a girl I know...
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